Improve your bachata skills

This is the perfect opportunity to improve your bachata dancing. We work on skills, posture, techniques, styling and also on confidence and expression.

12 weeks project

In 12 weeks you learn an amazing bachata choreography. After 12 classes of 90 minutes you are ready to perform on stage.

Personal attention

Together we discuss your personal goals to ensure maximum growth. Be surprised by the steps you are going to make.

Be ready to perform a real show

After 12 weeks you are ready to perform. The teachers are all experienced show dancers and will teach you how to perform with confidence and pleasure.

Amazing Choreography

We have over 10 years experience in making our own amazing choreographies. The choreographies for the projects are challenging, dynamic and definitely doable in 12 weeks.

Do it together

You will dance with a group of enthousiastic and committed dancers. You don't have to be a pro yet, it will be a learning experience. So learn and have fun together.


Choreo Projects - Guiramigos

During choreo projects we prepare a group of enthusiastic dancers to perform a great Bachata show. In 12 weeks you learn a Bachata choreography and get the opportunity to dance it on stage. The perfect opportunity to grow as a dancer and experience performing in front of an audience. 

In the choreo projects we work on Bachata skills, posture, techniques and styling. But also on confidence and expression. We train in small groups, so there is a lot of personal attention. The teachers are all very experienced show dancers. So we know very well what it’s like to perform in front of an audience. In the choreo projects we love to share our experience with you.

For Bachateras we also offer Ladies Projects. These are a great way to learn to dance more feminine and to feel confident dancing alone. It’s also a fun way to connect with other women in the dance scene.

The choreo projects are for dancers with some experience. But don’t worry you don’t have to be a pro yet. These projects are a learning experience.And you will be surprised by your growth!   

Join us in Utrecht!  

It’s time to shine!




Great teachers, full of passion and enthusiasm

“I'm very glad I could participate in the Güiramigos Ladies Project! Liza and Melona are great teachers, full of passion and enthusiasm. The atmosphere in class was amazing which helped us achieve our best. I can highly recommend taking classes at Güiramigos Dance Company!” Patricya


If you want to grow, this is the place to be

“Ik heb met veel plezier meegedaan aan het Ladies Project. De 3 maanden zijn voorbij gevlogen! Elke week hadden we een ontzettend leerzame en gezellige training waarin we toe werkten naar een mooie show. Als je wilt groeien als bachata danseres en een keer op een podium wilt staan dan ben je bij Liza, Melona en Dennis aan het juiste adres. Ik ben ze ontzettend dankbaar.”



Are you interested in joining one of the projects. Join the free try outs. Meet other dancers, ask questions and dance.

Locatie Utrecht

UTRECHT: Ladies Project

Locatie Utrecht

UTRECHT: Couple Project

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LEIDEN: Ladies Project


LadiesProject2 Utrecht - Guiramigos
ChoreoProject Utrecht - Guiramigos
Ladies Project 4 Utrecht Guiramigos
Ladies Project 3 Utrecht - Guiramigos