Cuban Salsa meets Dominican Bachata

Are you also sad that your holiday to that tropical destination got cancelled this year? No more tears! Sunday the13th of September we are bringing the Caribbean to Amsterdam again.

You get to enjoy a full day of Cuban Salsa and Dominican Bachata. Take a swim in between the workshops, enjoy a fresh lunch and let’s get wet during the animations on the beach! Come and dance, learn, swim and have fun at Strand Blijburg.

The workshops are taught by very experienced dancers and teachers. Yohan & Elaine will make sure you feel like you are in Cuba and Güiramigos DanceCompany will take you to the Dominican Republic…

Workshops & Animations

Enjoy 4 amazing workshops and join the animations at the beach

Intermediate/Advanced level

Some dance experience is desirable as all classes will be at intermediate advanced level.

For your safety

We will comply with the measures of RIVM. We take your health seriously.

Let's have fun

Join the workshops, dance on the beach, learn new moves, swim and have lots of fun.


(For more information, click on the activity)

We will give you a warm welcome.

In this class Güiramigos will teach you fun bachata footwork that you can use while dancing by yourself and that you can use in partnerwork. Enjoy the playfulness and flow of Dominican Bachata.

Cha-Cha-Chá is another popular Cuban traditional dance style. Its name is due to the characteristic sound created by the friction the dancers’ feet make while dancing on the floor and because the güiro instrument seems to say: cha-cha-chá.

Enjoy a fresh lunch, have some nice conversations with the other dancers and go for a swim.

You will have the option to pre-order lunch for €9,- when buying the ticket.

Time to partner up. In this class Güiramigos will teach you fun partnerwork with lots of Dominican Swag!

We’re ending the day with Casino (salsa) figures with Cuban flow and styling!

We will end the day with some nice Latin Music and time for drinks. Get to know each other and have some nice conversations.


The address is Strand Blijburg, Amsterdam

If you need a direction for the navigation, you can fill in the direction of Lolaland:
Pampuslaan 501
1087 HP  Amsterdam.

>>FREE Parking at Blijburg on Sundays.

You will find us near the Cuban and Dominican flag. Close to the fence, when you walk to the end of the beach.


Beach Day


- Early Bird* Ticket for the Full day: €45,-
- Early Bird* Ticket for the Half day (Morning or Afternoon) day: €25,-
*(if you order before September 1)

Ticket price after August 31: Full day: €50,- | Half day: €27,50

Lunch (Optional)

Pre-order lunch for €9,-.
It includes a wrap or baquette of choice (i.e. chicken filet, salmon, goat cheese or Beemster cheese) + soft drink from Lolaland- Haas en Popi. Lunch will be delivered at 1pm, so you don’t have to search around.

Weather Forecast

We’ll keep a close eye on the weather forecast. In case it’s raining, the event will be postponed to the next edition or you can get your money refunded


Strand Blijburg - Amsterdam


FREE Parking at Blijburg on Sundays.

Limited available spots

Limited number of spots available. Register early if you want to secure your spot!


Beach Day
Yohan & Elaine


Yohan and Elaine are a passionate Cuban & Dutch dance couple who gained most of their Cuban dance experience by working at the company Proyecto Rueda de Casino in Havana.

They performed multiple times a week at the most popular salsa hot spots of Havana like Jardines 1830 and Salon Rojo Del Capri. Yohan and Elaine were lucky to work closely with the founders of the Rueda de Casino and performed together with Cuba’s best artists like Elito Revé y su Charangon, El Niño y la Verdad & Havana D’Primera in music videos, concerts and Cuban TV shows.


Liza, Dennis and Melona are three very passionate Bachateros from the Netherlands. They have been teaching and performing since 2011. With their Bachata showteam they have performed many shows and travelled to Belgium, France, Germany, Morocco, Spain and Romania to perform and teach. A very special show was the one they did live with Grupo Extra!

They are all-round Bachata dancers, teaching Dominican, Modern and Sensual Bachata. The classes are focussed on technique, musicality and fun. They love to share the love for Bachata and to show how versatile this dance is. From the playfulness and feeling of Dominican Bachata to the elegance of Bachata Sensual.

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